About this site

Founded in 2014, Flatiron combines elite digital marketers, product managers, and data scientists from leading US gaming companies into an award-winning digital agency.

Most agencies operate in a silo, fundamentally limiting their ability to shape the growth trajectory of your business.

Flatiron Gaming is different.

We work as an extension of your team, developing an end-to-end digital marketing machine tailored to achieve your goals, whether that be a successful state launch, market domination, profitable growth, raising a large round, going public, or being acquired.

Layer 1: Data Infrastructure

Success in Real Money Gaming relies on having the right measurement foundation in place.

We’ll help implement an integrated set of analytics and attribution systems, isolating the performance metrics that matter and operationalizing those metrics throughout every facet of the marketing decision process.

Layer 2: Value Decisioning

Allocate your budget on the basis of return on investment, not a flat cost per acquisition.

We develop predictive lifetime value models, allowing you to find better arbitrage in the ad auction by paying more for higher-value users and less for lower-value users.

Layer 3: Creative Engine

The battle for attention becomes more competitive by the day and standing out requires the constant introduction of novel creative concepts into the ad auction.

We institute a creative development and testing process that helps you maximize the frequency of creative breakthroughs and unlock new heights of performance.

Layer 4: Conversion Optimization

The ad click is only the beginning.

We analyze every step of the customer journey,
rapidly developing & testing hypotheses to drive
higher conversion rates across all platforms.